Borderline Reality is an online art gallery. A website where your artwork can be put on display for all to see. If a career in the arts is what you're looking for then the more you advertise your works the more work you will find.   

Borderline Reality offers a more professional appeal to your artwork.

Simply purchase one of the membership options from the store, send us the images ( jpg format ) or links to videos you wish for us to display and we will put your works on this website to show to the world. 

Contact Form

We can place a contact form ( like the one you see below ) at the bottom of your pages for people who wish to get in contact with you directly. Your email address is not shown to the public but if the form is filled out, the messages they send will go directly to the email address you provide us with.

Thanks! Message sent.


The store helps us to keep this website running. From here you can purchase a gallery placement option so your artwork can be put on display.

At a later stage we will be working towards allowing artists to sell their works from this website as well but for the moment the store will have only minor items for purchase that help keep the website running.


If you have any questions just fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you.

Thanks! Message sent.