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Keeping up with today’s technology can seem daunting at times but we here at Borderline Reality look forward to it.Every time new features or options are added into our software we choose a subject that we enjoy and create models using those new features and options. Thereby learning and creating something we enjoy at the same time. Below you will see the progression of what will eventually become a model of the Corporate Alliance Tank Droid as seen in Star Wars Episode III.

 After viewing the source material we break down the subject into basic shapes. The tank droid to us started with one cylinder then adding a smaller one behind it.

The next basic shape was a blue box which we placed between the two cylinders and then adjusted the height of one side to give us the incline.

We then turned to the first cylinder and then added some minor details. As well as cutting away parts of the box.

Then adding in some more basic shapes to be adjusted later into the tread guard and cannons. As well as cutting a whole into the back cylinder.

 Modelling is a constant attempt at adding and subtracting elements until you are happy with the result.

 Viewing  models from different angles is always advised.

 If adding details does not get in the way for later then we apply them whenever we can.

 At this stage the general shape of the tank droid can be seen.

 Adding the basic shape of the antenna’s

 And then with basic shapes applied we continue with adding the details.

 It is worth mentioning again that details can be added whenever you like as long as they don’t get in the way of anything else later. Like animations, cutting techniques.

 Treads and further details applied we then added the materials ( the paint work ).

 And once again we start viewing the model from various sides and angles.

 By checking from different sides and angles we make sure the model is 100% ready.

 It never hurts to double check and sometimes triple check your work.

 Zooming in and out can also help determine if a model is ready or not.

 Once checking is complete this tank droid is ready to roll.