Graphic Novels

Graphic novels have made a huge impact on all of us here at Borderline Reality and it is safe to say we would not be where we are today without them. So we are happy to offer this service to any who may be in need.

The implementation of  speech bubbles into the pages of your graphic novel can be finished and sent back to you within 5 working days. We can reshape any and all text to meet your needs.




With our programs we can implant all the  speech bubbles and text boxes you desire. We can also adjust them to your needs even implanting them in such a way as they appear to be behind your artwork. We can create the standard bubbles as seen above or even create new ones to show a tone of voice that differs from others.



In the programs we use there are already over 300 different font styles installed. No matter which font you choose we have a variety of effects we can apply to it. Below is an example of some of the things we can do to a font.






Now each individual effect shown above might be all you need but we can actually use a lot of these effects together, on the same word. Giving you even more options to choose from.  As seen in the examples below.And remember all the examples you see here are using the same font. We can apply these effects to any font in our collection. Or if you have a font that you wish us to use then simply send it to us and we can apply all these effects to that font.


For more details contact us and we can send you out a quote specifically for your needs.