Photograpy Conversion

Have you ever taken a photo of someone or something and wondered what a painting or a sketch of that photo would look like?


At Borderline Reality we can make that happen.


Simply by providing us the photo we can manipulate it to make it appear as though it was painted or sketched. By using the photograph of the flowers you see below as an example, we will show you the changes we can make. This first photo is how it was first seen. With no changes applied.



This photo below has now been changed to give an acrylic paints look to it.



In this next photo you see below we have added an Ink look to it. Similar to what you would see in a comic book.


This photo you see below has been changed to give a pastel look to it.



This photo you see below has been changed to give a penciled look to it.



And of course all our photographs can be changed to black and white. As you can see in the next photograph the penciled look has been applied and the colours removed.



For more details feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions.