Exterior Computer Modelling

If you answered yes to any of these questions then read on and you might find yourself a helping hand here that will save you time, effort and money.

We here at Borderline Reality use many of the same programs used by architect’s all over the world. In doing so we can create highly detailed computer models of any construction known to man. And by creating these computer models we can create images for you to see, to help you in the design or restoration of your properties. All we require are the measurements, colours and images of the materials you desire to see.

If your looking to buy a property purely to renovate and sell at a higher price then we can create these computer models for you to see, with the renovations already applied to them. Once they are done they can be sent to a real-estate agency for evaluation and you can have a good idea of how much that property would sell for once the renovations have been applied. You may even save yourself thousands because of the information you gain here . Having the knowledge of knowing how much a property can sell for after all the renovations are done can save you thousands in the long run.

Below we will show you images of the exterior of the building we came to call the Queenslander. By having the ability to see what your property will look like with various colours and materials you have a more knowledgeable idea of what suits you. What materials and colours will look best together and which ones will not.










Choosing your colours and materials

If your looking to build your own property or you are just wanting to see what a different colour would look like on your existing property then being able to see which materials and colours look best together and which ones do not can save you a great deal of time and money. Once we have the details of your property we can then start to create a computer representation of it. Once that is complete we can make the model appear as though it is made of any material you can think of. Or change the colour of the model to any colour you desire.This gives you a more knowledgeable idea of what best  suits you.



The image you see above shows an army green coloured tin roof with lite-stone bricks used for the exterior walls.

The image you see above shows a dark grey cement tiled roof with chamferboard used for the exterior walls.

The image you see above shows a brown colored tin roof with masonry blocks used for the exterior walls.

The image you see above shows a red coloured cement tiled roof with multi-coloured standard brick used in the exterior walls.

The image you see above shows a gun metal grey tin roof with standard clay bricks used in the exterior walls.

Property Marker

If your planning on doing any extensions onto your property we usually ask if you would like a property marker added to the computer model. The property marker allows you to see how much room will be left on you property once an extension has been added by showing you how much distance is between the  borders of your property and the nearest standing wall of your structure. Not always needed but does come in handy at times. As you see in the image below the property marker is represented by the large green square seen under the computer model. The property marker can of course be any size or shape to suite your needs, be it your standard 4 sided flat property or your 7 sided on an incline property we can do them all as needed.



Blue-print and Cross-section View



The picture you see above is a cross-section view of the Queenslander model we have been showing you on this page. The roof has been removed to give you a better idea of the size of the rooms and hallways in the building, giving you a better idea of how much space you will have.

The image you see above is a basic blueprint of the house you have seen throughout this page. When building your own house the original blue-prints can be revised again and again, and can become very hard to read. And even harder to explain to contractors and tradesmen when not done correctly. It is extremely important that plans are followed correctly. So we here at Borderline Reality offer to make these basic blue-prints of your structures so you can mark out specific changes to show specific tradesmen.