Interior Computer Modelling

Once a model has been created we can not only show you the exterior of the model but also the interior as well. This service usually applies to people that are wanting to see what various colours or materials would look like on their walls, floors and ceilings. This can save you a lot of time and effort if you can see what the end result will look like before you begin all the hard labor.

By simply supplying us with the colours you are thinking of using we create a daylight system outside of your model to filter artificial sunlight through the windows to help determine how real sunlight would effect the colour and feel of the rooms. If you have any furniture, appliances or paintings you want to see in the room. Then it is a simple matter of sending us a photograph of the item in question and we can recreate that item and place it in the room for you to see.

Even if you are not wanting an entire building recreated we are happy to create just the rooms you require. We do not need to create an entire building for these results. All we need is the measurements of the rooms you wish to see. Or if you just want to take some photos of the room and send those to us that is also an option.

Below you will see photographs taken from the kitchen and lounge area of the building we called the Queenslander. As you can see we have applied many changes with various results






If you are looking at changing a single room or all the rooms inside the interior of a building and wish to see what the result will look like before you begin then we can certainly help here.